What is Happiness

Perception of Happiness is highly subjective. In fact it could even be so contradictory among two individuals that ones recreational activity may look entirely ridiculous to other. However perception of happiness is now a days to very much extent affected by popular media- TV, Movies, MTV :) - people are constantly bombarded with the idea of what is happiness and what is cool through this medium and even worst; this is the only medium they collect this information through.

Now my complaint is not against these people (may be a little). But rather a concern for that minority population that does not find any gratification in these perceived superior gratifying activities. They are frowned upon for having non mainstream interests. Getting laughed at because you are seen reading a book about Stoicism. Post modern urbanized world just seems so unnatural. A loner is stereotyped as a loser. Introverted is mistaken for stupid, sad and lacking confidence. Opportunities are given based on first impressions, setting open stage for impostors and charlatans.

But its not all that bad either. A few of those impostors and charlatans may get through and achieve some success because the system is not perfect but real winners after all are the ones who are genuine and sincere. They may look naive but are so more by choice than due to lack of awareness.

Any way coming back to happiness; it is established centuries ago by philosophers that it is not something objective. And those who think philosophy is hogwash it is also now scientifically proven by neurologists that your brain can be trained to accept any thing as happiness (see this TED Talk). And that is what happens when you consume too much idiotic media (TV essentially). Your frontal lobe of brain is a great simulator(and a malfunctioning one) that basically hypes the future outcome of any event. Which also leads you to believe something will make you immensely happy but in reality the gratification might be insignificant.

Don’t let external factors define your happiness. Define your own that is more meaningful, sustainable and of social value.

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