Thoughts on Human Civilization

What makes us stand out from the rest of the animals is having better control over our impulses, ability to delay the gratification for possible better future outcome. The likeliness of delaying gratification diminishes as the future outcome seems less probable. But people who still does it are called entrepreneurs. They are the people who pushes humans as a species to next level.

We have come this far from the hunter gatherers to dominating species because we are civilized. Civilized means having well behaved people in society thus eliminating the need to rely only on survival skills and allowing time for humans to work on superior activities like research and technology and creative things. It is because of civilization it is possible to organize large group of people to work towards common goal. Thus allowing us to accomplish missions that were never possible.

Ideally if we didn’t have any impulses we would have colonized the galaxy by now.

In theory communism is the best and most efficient system. But it does not work because we humans have impulses and we need freedom of choice. So coming up with system that hits the sweet spot between efficiency and freedom of choice is necessary. I don’t know if we have achieved it already (Capitalism?!!). Fundamental characteristic of that system should be sustainability while reaching as much efficiency as possible. That I would like to call equilibrium of human ecosystem.

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