Work culture: Introverted vs Extroverted

A coworker recently suggested that we should have more meetings at work as opposed to just communicating thoughts over email while sitting in our respective dens. The discussion went on (over mail yet).

The way I see it, it was debate going on between introverts and extroverts. Of course you can guess who took which side.

Me being an introvert, would not really mind not having direct human interaction and would prefer written exchange of thoughts. But This is not how extroverts function (and they are majority in this world which explains why majority of organization has extroverted work culture).

Having group discussions is motivating for extroverts because they thrive on human interaction to stay motivated and energized (as I inferred from this TED Talk) While giving desired isolation to introverts can help foster their creativity and imagination and bring forth new ideas. And in an organization both are inadvertently going to coexist (and is desirable). So I guess hitting the sweet spot between the two cultural extremities is some thing we can try to achieve.

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Why should you take personality type test you say? I will explain that in another post.

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