Importance of programming

In software industry as the employee gets promoted, his role starts to demand more management functions and he loses touch with programming. It is a debatable question whether senior staff should also do programming in order to stay in touch with the technology. It may not always be possible to remain in touch with programming as other responsibilities increases. But true programmers should never quit programming. Here are the reasons why.

###Constantly changing tech world

Technology changes very rapidly. New frameworks, new tools, new programming languages new specifications comes into existence frequently. Older skills soon gets outdated. You need to stay in touch with it to make sure your team is using the best stack there is. In order to understand new technology, hands on programming is the only way.

###Following Best practices

Even after choosing best stack you need to make sure team is following best practices to get the best out of chosen stack.In order to establish best practices for chosen technology stack hands on programming is necessary rather than reading other people’s Blogs.

###Predicting feature complexity and feasibility

While predicting product feature complexity and time estimation people with hands on programming experience can accurately do this.

###Understanding roadblocks

During implementation phase team inadvertently faces roadblocks. And misses deadline. Senior people can better empathize with the team if they exactly understand the problem.

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